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I enjoyed reading this delightful book! I really felt the love Claire has for her twin brothers. They are all caught up in a fantastical world. I’ll be looking for book 2

Steve Keele

The book tells the story of Claire. She is the chosen one and the savior of her world. But she has to fight against villains in ours. The novel is well written in the aspect of story construction, but the imagination of the author is awesome as well.

Andon M.

I loved this book!!! The story was gripping and left me wanting more. I am excited to see where the next book takes the characters!!! A really good read.

Regina L Eastman

Mysticism, and time travels to different realms are cleverly crafted in this intriguing Lydia Caatt's novel, "Morning Diamond." Highly recommended for sci-fi and fantasy fans, Claire's story continues in book 2 in the series, "Sunset Rubies!"

Amazon User: Love2read

This book had me eager to turn every page! It was intriguing and full of adventure from the first chapter. I highly recommend Morning Diamond to every fantasy fan!


Lydia is such a blast to work with. Her talents, passions, and desires come through both in every day conversation as well as her work!

Colin Ross

‘To her, the magnificent structure loomed above her as an obstacle to escape or a tomb, whichever the case may be.’

Morning Diamond