The Fight for Danyon

Selfish ambitions of grandiosity repels the light within. Set forth to conquer and demolish the lands with sin. To reign supreme with destruction and death Will never gain thee the desired wealth. For thy hands soaked in tyranny and blood. Shall drip with fate, your hell will flood. For out of the ashes prophecy foretold Outside this world your fate she’ll hold. Beat her once she’ll rise to sail. Introduce her death and you shall fail. Banished. Out of the clutches of mortal reign She learns the evil, she caused the pain. The sin of her world stains her heart. The aggression, hate; she played her part. Now forth she goes to kill her crimes. And turn the wheel, to mend the times. Her soul will pour with anguish and tears. She cradles of the body of her dearest fears. Death is healing, From the thorns which burrowed deep, Finally the mending, two souls to keep.

Morning Diamond

Sunset Rubies

Midnight Pearl