Morning Diamond

Sci Fi, 2018

Claire’s thoughts whirled and her body trembled as she moved down the narrow corridor. Gone was the rhythmic rise of her chest in exchange for shallow gasps of thin dusky air which left her lightheaded. To add to her turmoil unfamiliar voices surrounded her. One misstep could be her undoing, and yet she had no idea why. When Leishmann desires to be ruler over Danyon it becomes an obsessive determination- which he decides to gain through any means necessary. Taking a deadly course through Danyon, he leaves a trail of death and destruction. In this time of great despair one man rises from the ashes to discover a way to stop Leishmann’s ambitions and he pays the ultimate price. To Claire Danyon was nothing more than a childhood fairy tale. Now, she has been forced from her peaceful existence to fight her way through Leishmann’s army to return to a home wrought with pain and desperately needing a leader.


Sunset Rubies

Sci Fi, 2018

Claire’s heart began to pump in time with the pounding hoof beats. Fear wrapped itself around her like a smothering blanket. She held her breath as the army grew closer and the horses slowed. The first man to come into view made her breath catch. Leishmann sat on his black steed, straight-backed and reeking of arrogance and hatred. Sudden clarity brushed the fear from Claire’s heart. One look at Leishmann and her anger overtook all else. She would make him bleed before the day’s end! Leishmann's desire to be the ruler over Danyon has become a twisted obsession that wreaks the most severe destruction upon those who oppose him. Through the rising death toll one leader dared to rebel against him and it cost him his life. Now his only daughter has returned to Danyon with a determined and deadly focus. She will use every last drop of energy she possesses to free her people and destroy the reign of death and turmoil that follows Leishmann's every move.


Midnight Pearl

Fantasy Fiction, 2019

Teisha charged, slicing her dagger through the air, but Claire’s response was quick and she dodged safely away from the reach of the blade. Teisha turned, snarling into the face of her enemy. She quickly recalculated and judged the younger woman’s speed with a couple feigned attacks before committing and charging again. This time Claire felt the sting of Teisha’s blade snake a haggard line across her arm. Claire cried out as intense pain radiated down her arm. She quickly covered her open flesh with her free hand to staunch the bleeding as it poured down her arm and puddled in the sand. She met the victorious violet eyes of her attacker, shocked and suddenly afraid. Teisha’s evil grin widened across her angelic face at Claire’s response. “Your death will give me pleasure like nothing this world has ever experienced.” Teisha taunted before shifting her blade in her hand. Claire eyed the shining metal with nervous calculations; knowing she must fight Teisha without the aid of a weapon. Claire faced Teisha with legs bent and her arms wide. "Give me strength." She prayed silently.....Though the small victory over Leishmann gave Claire and her family a moment of peace she soon learns that the war is far from over. Now she must learn and accept her true self and the part she played in creating the evil that now reigns on the world of Danyon. Faced with impossible tasks, against incredible odds, she now faces her final battle. To fail now will sentence Danyon to eternal darkness and for herself a hole in purgatory forever. Join Claire in this epic conclusion as she is joined by a great mythical beast and a newfound friend from the sea to restore the balance of the universe and save those that she loves; including her worst enemy.

just have faith cover

Just Have Faith

Sci Fi, 2018

This book was written by my 15 year old daughter and illustrated by her 13 year old sister. It is a beautiful story about how you can accomplish new things if you just have someone there reminding you to have faith in yourself.


‘Oh fun fact. The girl on both my covers is one of my daughters.’

Lydia Caatt

Lydia’s favorite Recipes

Cooking 2020

Are you a beginner cook, have a busy lifestyle, have picky eaters, or just love great recipes?  This is the place to find them.  Most of these recipes are simple and delicious.  I have some of the pickiest eaters in my home and they love these foods.  I have complied my most favorite recipes into this one book.  I hope you all enjoy them