Lydia Caatt

Author, Nurse, Mother, & More


Lydia was raised in a small town in Oregon. Though there was not a lot to entertain the residents- without driving for 30 minute- her imagination gave her all the excitement a young girl needed. As a child she was raised in a dysfunctional family. Make believe soon became her coping mechanism for the life she could not control. Growing up in a struggling and broken home helped her learn that her strength was all she had and her imagination was always there to get her through. When she got older she married a less than perfect man. He proved to be a struggle to live with and he forbid her imagination to flow freely. That didn't turn out so well.

Lydia is now remarried to the man of her dreams and together they have five children. Through the growth and strength she learned through having the support of her husband she has been able to see several of her dreams become reality. She holds a leadership position as a cardiac registered nurse, she serves in her community, she has raised her four children in a safe home with her husband and grown to love her beautiful step daughter as well. Through the love and support of her family she rediscovered the joy of story telling. She currently has several projects to bring to her readers as well as several more stories waiting to be discovered.


Lydia used to tell her children stories when they would travel. In 2011 she was told she would need brain surgery. The surgeon could not guarantee her survival, but informed her that without the surgery paralysis and eventually death was in her near future. Faced with this life altering event she decided to write one last story for her children just in case she did not survive the surgery. The fight for Danyon trilogy was born from this life experience. It was also this trilogy that motivated her to continue her writing. She has two more trilogies and a book based on real life events to follow the Fight for Danyon trilogy


Lydia's family is a huge motivator and influence her all the way down to her name. Lydia is actually her husband's nickname. When first getting used to their new phones Lydia had typed LYF (love you forever) to her husband. Auto correct changed it to Lydia and she has called him by that name since. Lydia's last name comes from her children. Each letter of her last name Caatt is the first letter to each of her children's names. Her husband and children are her entire world. She loves them each dearly and without them this dream of hers would never have become reality. Lydia is also influenced by her Grandfather and father who have been her hero's and best friends throughout her life. Her sister and her sisters family is also a positive influence to her and have shown her love and support through this whole process. Lydia also has a family that adopted her and her children when she left an abusive relationship. This family supported her and helped her gain confidence that she could live her dreams. Although Lydia's mother is not always on good terms with her, she would like to thank her mother for teaching her some valuable life lessons. Huge shout out and thank you to her editor Katie and Cover artist Jer


It is a huge goal to get her stories into the hands of readers that just want to escape into a fun and clean imaginary world. She wants to motivate others to reach for and accomplish their goals through her example.

A new project she has begun is the story of her relationship with an abusive x-husband. With this story she hopes to enlighten others to the struggle of abuse and hopefully help them understand the desperation that is needed in teaching people about the cycle of abuse.

‘Darkness itself is not to be feared, but when it is your only companion in the deepest blackest tunnel of hell, words cannot define the amount of trepidation that twists the mind and torments the soul’

Lydia Caatt