Lydia Caatt

Author, Nurse, Mother, & More


Lydia was raised in a small town in Oregon. Though there was not a lot to entertain the residents- without driving for 30 minute- her imagination gave her all the excitement a young girl needed. As a child she was raised in a dysfunctional family. Make believe soon became her coping mechanism for the life she could not control. Growing up in a struggling, abusive, and broken home helped her learn that her strength was all she had and her imagination was always there to get her through. When she got older she married a less than perfect man. He proved to be a struggle to live with and he forbid her imagination to flow freely. That didn't turn out so well and after she left him she rediscovered the art of story telling. Several years later she discovered she would need brain surgery. With no guarantee she would live she wrote her first novel as a last story and gift to her small children. Now, that story has become the first in a universe of YA fantasy fiction with strong females actively fighting their own battles and showing the world what they are made of..


Influenced by other authors but mostly life, Lydia works daily to perfect her craft.


Lydia's family is a huge motivator and influence her all the way down to her name. There is a great story behind the pen name that readers are encouraged to send Lydia a message and ask about..


It is a huge goal to get her stories into the hands of readers all around the world.

‘Darkness itself is not to be feared, but when it is your only companion in the deepest blackest tunnel of hell, words cannot define the amount of trepidation that twists the mind and torments the soul’

Lydia Caatt